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A Day in Nagoya, Japan

When your wife asks if you’d like to join her on a work flight to Nagoya, even if only for 24 hours, you go.

Anyone who even pretends to know anything about me knows that I absolutely adore spending time in Japan. It’s just such a nice place that is so different to the hustle & bustle that is life in Bangkok.

For me, Japan is a captivating and beautiful place. It is equal parts mad cyber-robotic modernism (yes, I just made that up) and ‘uber’ traditionalism. It is this very clash of styles that makes it such an aesthetically pleasing place. Especially as someone who likes to take the occasional photograph.

Add to that the fact that I love gaming, robots, tea maids and general eating and you might start to see the appeal.

Even though we were only there for 24 hours, and even though all I really got to shoot was IG & FB pictures for my wife, I will always say yes to any excuse for a trip to Japan. Especially when Yamachan chicken and cold beer is on the menu.

Below are a few quick edits of images I took during our latest trip to Nagoya.

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Golf Shoot – Burapha 26.01.2020

I get to do a lot of Golf photography. One of my clients runs professional golf tournaments for international schools and I get called along to shoot regularly. Going to a new course, for me, is a great opportunity. It’s always refreshing to play with a new back drop. And what a great change of location it was too.

Stylized Photo Editing – Do you have a look?

Many people often comment that the hardest thing they strive to do as a photographer is to create a feel; a signature look for their shots. I also wish I knew what mine was but I’m not so sure that’s a thing.

The awakening; a message delivered.

It was raining. It always seemed to be raining. The library’s court yard was lit by lanterns swinging in the wind. The light, although artificial, threw heavy shadows across the scene. Water dripped from the lanterns and pooled on the meticulous pebble paths and flower pots. A gasp of exclamation could be clearly heard from a distant alcove and a set of sturdy looking, wooden doors burst open.