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Just a simple guy with simple wants.

It’s always a little tricky to come up with content to write on your own website. I’ve built many sites for clients over the years and I don’t seem to have any difficulty coming up with little blurbs and filler pieces for their sites. When it’s your own, however, it seems like every little piece needs to be relevant and professional. Or, at the very least, cool and witty.

I’ve been based in Bangkok for quite a while now. I live with my wife and a few fur babies in the form of highly aggressive, killer ankle biters. That is to say we have two ‘ratter’ dogs; a Chihuahua and a Minpin.

I own a small agency in Bangkok, DIGITAL BASE, providing digital marketing, branding, content and design services to both domestic and international clients.

Born in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, Australia I moved to Canberra in the Australian Capital Territory in the early 80’s. 

I first ventured overseas to Thailand in 1992 as an AFS exchange student. I lived on an army base in Phitsanuloke with the General and his family for a year. While here I attended 6th form (12th Grade) at a Thai high school and started my interest in both language and culture.

After returning to Australia I completed my studies and entered the work force. As a mature student I returned to university to study Information Management and soon found my way heading back to Thailand as part of the Thai Cultural Studies course at the University. I returned three times over the next three years attending Chiang Mai, Sri Nakarin Wirot and Thammasat Universities. I attended a mixture of language, history, religion and cultural studies for four months at each of the locations.

A little history & background.

Now and the future.

After university I returned to Thailand in 2002 and have continued working in a couple of long term positions in Rayong, Pattaya and Bangkok ultimately leading to the opening of DIGITAL BASE a couple of years ago.

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It may not be Shakespeare or Tolkien but I do like to write from time to time.

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