Adding Insult to Injury – Shattered Wrist

I’d made a personal promise to myself that I was going to get at least one blog entry up per day to document the events of the flood and our forced move to Bang Saen. Unfortunately this wasn’t to be. After everything this year had already thrown at me (car accident, stolen iPhone, busted ribs, broken finger, house under water) what else could possibly go wrong?

I know; I’ll fall out of a stationary boat and land in a foot of water. Besides the ‘shits & giggles’ aspect if said action I could make it even better by shattering my wrist and popping one of my arm bones. I can imagine that probably sounds pretty bad but I can guarantee, with all my heart, that it felt a lot worse than it sounds. My mate, Best, threw me in the car and then red-lined it to the nearest hospital where I found out I’d have to sit around for 6 hours before I could go in to surgery because the coffee I had had earlier that morning meant I couldn’t be put under. 🙁

I was finally able to go in for my operation. The next thing I knew I was waking up in the recovery room with a huge arse cast on my arm and a very dull heavy numbness. Upon chatting to the doctor later I discovered they had ended up putting two steel pins into my bones to hold them in place. The ends of the steel pins were sticking outside of skin and would need to be removed in 4-6 weeks. I’d put pictures up of the steel pins sticking out of my skin but I’m not sure how butch and tuff all my readers are. 🙂 Needless to say; it’s pretty gross.

You can see from this X-Ray pic where the bone should be sitting ‘X’ and how it has shattered out of the cup and up alongside my pinky. Luckily the bone wasn’t sharp as it could have easily burst out of my skin; leading to an all new state of ickiness. 🙂

Now that my one handed typing skills are getting stronger I hope to update again soon.

Photo by Nick Jio on Unsplash

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