AWD – Talk about a busy start to the year

I can’t believe January 2013 is almost over already. Where has the month gone? Where did 2012 go for that matter?

One of the girls in the Perth office sent an email out reminding everyone there was only 11 months to go till Christmas 2013. Funny; while being a stark reminder at just how quickly life seems to be spinning passed us all.

The Aussie Web Development team are continuing to make me proud. We’ve had a very exciting six months and managed to get a huge amount of work done. I’ve taken a bunch of guys and gals, all with different specialities, experience and backgrounds, and thrown them together into a team. We’ve then had a stack of work to get done with no real time to establish a structure, a work method, a pecking order or even a solid system. We just hit the ground running at day one and haven’t stopped since. To keep up with the amount of work being sent over from Perth, we haven’t even really had any time to conduct meetings or discussions. Let alone hang pictures on the walls, tidy cables away or even develop our own company website. 🙂

That being said, however, everyone has done extremely well. This last couple of months I have seen a bonding of the team and the occasional joke, and office banter, illustrates how well the team are merging and starting to get along. The quality of work being put out is getting better and so is their speed. Many of these guys had never used WordPress before so seeing them now being able to write custom code for it, and resolve third party conflicts and errors, is very impressive indeed.

I hope the team are also getting to know me. While I’m sure some of them think I’m just a cranky farang (foreigner), I hope the majority know that I’m not really like that. Not all the time anyway. lol…

While I’m sure none of the guys will take the time to read the boss’s silly blog; I would like to say thanks to all of them for coming together to make this little venture into a family.

Thanks guys…

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