Thomas Amberside

Brother Thomas didn’t know much about the various planes of existence. He didn’t even know much about the world of man outside of the monastery. Inside these protective walls, however, was the complete opposite. Thomas knew exactly who he was. He was a true disciple of Chauntea; goddess of agriculture, he was a ‘versed farmer’.

Dwarves of Golarion – Pathfinder Companion

Last night I got home to a new delivery from The Books Depository (online book store with free international shopping) which always makes my day. This time I just had a small A4 sized supplement for Pathfinder sent out to have a look at. We’re starting up a new Pathfinder campaign in the coming weeks […]

Busy but Fun…

I seem to have less time than ever to do things. Either that or I am discovering heaps of new things and trying to dip my toes in all of them. This Saturday just passed we managed to have quite a large game of L5R War of Honor. Why it may not seem too big […]

L5R – A New Era is Almost Upon Us is really pushing out the flavour text and fluff for the new arc of our 9 favourite clans. After several years the very successful Celestial Edition arc is coming to a close and a new arc is commencing called Emperor Edition. The story of Emperor Edition is going to be set several decades later […]