Golf Shoot – Burapha 26.01.2020

I get to do a lot of Golf photography. One of my clients runs professional golf tournaments for international schools and I get called along to shoot regularly. Going to a new course, for me, is a great opportunity. It’s always refreshing to play with a new back drop. And what a great change of location it was too.

Stylized Photo Editing – Do you have a look?

Many people often comment that the hardest thing they strive to do as a photographer is to create a feel; a signature look for their shots. I also wish I knew what mine was but I’m not so sure that’s a thing.

Flickr Catches Up

Finally Flickr, one of the leading (and probably the oldest) online sharing sites for photography, gets a much needed visual upgrade. Like many Flickr uses I recently received an email notice from Flickr advising me of their new interface. I haven’t had too much of a play with it yet though I can say that […]

Canon 70-200 f2.8 L ISii

And other L Lenses… This is not a review, just a bit of proud gloating. lol I have recently bought a new, somewhat expensive, toy. This month I became the proud owner of a Canon 70-200mm 2.8L IS lens. This is one of the big boys from Canon and my first ‘L’ lens. I had […]