Dwarves of Golarion – Pathfinder Companion

Last night I got home to a new delivery from The Books Depository (online book store with free international shopping) which always makes my day. This time I just had a small A4 sized supplement for Pathfinder sent out to have a look at.

We’re starting up a new Pathfinder campaign in the coming weeks and I have decided to play a Dwarf Fighter. As such I thought I’d get the Dwarves of Golarion companion book so I could read up and best make decisions on how to play one of our stalwart brothers.

The book is only 32 pages long (short) so I have already read through it. It doesn’t offer much in the way of actual rules relying more heavily on extended dialogue of race traits etc already established in the core rule book. There are some rule entries though; including some Dwarf specific spells and a few personality statistics for nobles and important NPCs etc.

The supplement covers just about everything from dwarf diets to morale driving force. It discusses the ageing process and provides an insider’s view into the family system, culture and religion. There is also a section devoted to history and to some of the larger Dwarven settlements.

If you ever plan on role-playing a Dwarf, or just want to read up on them for general gaming fluff, then I recommend picking up a copy this book. I’m sure I’ll slowly add companions for other races too. If only to know the best way to hurt an Orc… 🙂

Note: Image originally from reddit. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/ImaginaryDwarves/duplicates/6lt9f1/pathfinder_dwarf_and_thief_by_alexandre_chaudret/

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