Getting ya Nerd On – Pathfinder RPG

Ok, it is official; I have really been getting my nerd on lately.

On top of the usual L5r card games, occasional game of Malifaux and ever-growing collection of half painted miniatures I have now stepped back into the world of Role Playing Games. shock horror 🙂

The collection has started with Paizo’s ‘Pathfinder Role Playing Game’. For those that didn’t know Pathfinder is what became of Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Rule set. A company called Paizo has picked up the ball and have made a game called Pathfinder using the d20 engine (sort a, kind a) and licensed under Wizard’s OGL. It’s particularly cool because it is usable with all the D&D 3.5 modules etc. A lot of people didn’t like the changes Wizards of the Coast made to D&D with 4th edition so this gives them the ideal way to continue playing – although enjoying a few modern changes and tweaks.

I’m slowly slogging my way through the core rulebook (a whopping 575 pages) and then have a few other books (player’s guide, bestiary, ultimate combat etc) to go through also. As I mentioned; one of the cool things about Pathfinder is that you can use older game modules and texts (for D&D v3.5) with a small amount of editing. So one of the first things I picked up from ebay was the Dragonlance Campaign Setting guide. This will allow me to use the world of Krynn and all the wonderful creatures and races in a campaign. It’s also just a good read.

The Pathfinder Rule Book is very nice. It is 100% colour and comes with beautiful, imagination inspiring images and concise details and rules. The authors have managed to mix the rules with descriptive examples and mini-scenarios that make reading it enjoyable.

Now all I need to do is come up with a name for my Dwarf Fighter, find some time to play, find a GM (I still prefer DM though) and find some fellow campaigners. 🙂 I’m sure there’s many guys at BFB waiting for me to pull my finger out.

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