Its been ages since I’ve been to Pattaya and even though I didn’t pass through the city itself, it was quite incredible to see just how advanced and modern the road system had been since my last visit. For those that don’t know, Pattaya hosts a huge population of foreign tourists and expat retirees. Think of it as ‘china town’ for old white guys. One of the primary things that comes with a large collection of retired men are Golf Courses. Pattaya, and the surrounding counties, have heaps.

I get to do a lot of Golf photography. One of my clients here runs professional golf tournaments for international schools and I get called along to shoot regularly. Going to a new course, for me, is a great opportunity. It’s always refreshing to play with a new back drop.

Anyhow, here’s a small set of select images from that day. I’m still playing with the matting technique I explored in previous posts and have now added a very ‘over-the-top’ vignette to draw the eye into the subject even more. I’m not going to lie, now that I’ve seen all the images as a set next to each other, I don’t really like the vignette ring very much. It’s a little too obvious. Click in and view the images individually, however, and I think they look nice and gloomy. 

Note: The images used on my personal website are often not the images provided to the client and they are often edited with a more artistic approach than I would normally used. It’s a great opportunity to play with more severe settings. you will notice a liberal use of the ‘vignette’ slider. 🙂