Poem: A Warrior’s Passing

Blind, gut wrenching pain,
Fear, terminal mental sprain,
Bleeding out, alone and petrified,
Thoughts of regret, accomplishment’s voice denied.

Spasm, wriggle and writhe,
Death lords over his subject, claw on scythe,
Brought low by the Assassin’s blade,
Undone as Devil’s advocate played.

Vengeance; a singular driving breath,
Reaching, clawing for the wielder of death,
Once hidden, now hilt deep sits the dirk,
Dying man’s features distort with a satisfied smirk.

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Golf Shoot – Burapha 26.01.2020

I get to do a lot of Golf photography. One of my clients runs professional golf tournaments for international schools and I get called along to shoot regularly. Going to a new course, for me, is a great opportunity. It’s always refreshing to play with a new back drop. And what a great change of location it was too.

A Day in Nagoya, Japan

When your wife asks if you’d like to join her on a work flight to Nagoya, even if only for 24 hours, you go. Anyone who even pretends to know anything about me knows that I absolutely adore spending time in Japan. It’s just such a nice place that is so different to the hustle & bustle that is life in Bangkok.

Stylized Photo Editing – Do you have a look?

Many people often comment that the hardest thing they strive to do as a photographer is to create a feel; a signature look for their shots. I also wish I knew what mine was but I’m not so sure that’s a thing.